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LOVE this track, and it’ll give your system a low-end work-out - or at least show ya if you got some low-bass! and control…

Also sending it out to my dear friends @Carol Clark & @Dave Clark

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Review: Glove Audio A1 DAC and headphone amplifier

Bottom-line? The price for entry into Astell&Kern DAPs has gone up. This is what happens when innovation is accelerating. However, as much as I love the AK240 (and believe me, I love the AK240), the replacement players for the AK100 and AK120 only impress me when it comes to their sharp looks and feature set; I still prefer the sound of the original AK120 to the new replacement players. That being said … if I could improve the sonic performance of my classic AK120, I might not even need an AK240!

Enter Glove Audio, a new product and line from CEntrance, and the new A1 DAC/Amp for Astell&Kern AK100 and AK120 players…


DAMN. A Timeless track by @BookaShade: Body Language - Interpretation that sounds AMAZIN thru @SennheiserUSA #Urbanite cans!

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WOW. This track on @SennheiserUSA #Urbanite headphones is wonderfully liquid. So fluid in fact, the bass is like HUGE, tightly wound rings of stacked water that DROPS and ripples OUT. I know - that makes NO sense - but its in my head. :)

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KILLER Choon for the sunrise - BUMPIN’ on my @Audeze LCD-2 + @NuForce_USA HAP-100) - Well, figures it would complement the sun comin up! Title… CRAZY!

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A bit of nasty Bay Area tech house from San Francisco’s Claude muthafuckin’ VonStroke… This’ll get ya up in the mornin’

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@TheBasementJaxx doin’ it again on Junto!! Been lovin em since Remedy. Full album review comin…

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EXACTLY what I needed to feel like today: NEVER Defeated

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