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PLS check out my review of Poor Moon's Illusion EP @PFOaudioarts!

Perhaps one of Poor Moon’s previous monikers (one they used when booking a local gig in Seattle before the band got things officially going): Peppermint Majesty, describes the sounds and vibe of the band better than I ever could with further superfluous adjectives. I’m half-kidding (but as I typed it I realized it may actually be true) but it doesn’t get much more flower-power than “Peppermint Majesty”! That’s what I thought when I first listened to the Illusion EP. It sounded like this band was from another era, one where you go to San Francisco and don’t forget to wear flowers in your hair.


PLS check out my Review of Mogwai's Earth Division EP in Positive Feedback!

Mogwai’s Earth Division EP is aptly titled. The music flows, visually, like an audible accompaniment to a video shot using time elapse photography; the scene being that of many sunrises and sunsets over a mountain peak hovering over a winding river. Seriously, that may have sounded intensely reaching, pretentious, and cheesy all at the same time—but it’s just what comes to mind when trying to paint an image of this music….. PLS READ MORE IN THE REVIEW

Daniel Martin Moore's In the Cool of the Day on @subpop ROX

This record is fantastic. Moore oozes w/ honest soulful jams that bring gospel and down-home blues together in a dimly-lit, almost cabaret kinda vibe. It goes to show you it doesn’t matter what color U are, or place U come from - Music is UNIVERSAL. Makes us feel like we’re sittin’ around a campfire!!

YEAH - Blitzen Trapper's upcomin Destroyer of the Void album on Sub Pop

perhaps u missed my review of Blitzen Trapper’s Destroyer of the Void album, comin out on Sub Pop in June????  PLS check it out

My article on Blitzen Trapper's upcoming Destroyer of the Void record

here’s my review of Blitzen Trapper’s highly anticipated Destroyer of the Void comin out on Sub Pop in June…