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New Beak> Album review in Positive Feedback!!

Digital Release: 6/13

Physical Release: 7/3

I love when I receive an album for review that challenges my descriptive abilities. My initial encounter with Beak’s latest effort: » was such a thrilling sonic experience that I had absolutely no idea how to encapsulate the sound. I’m a dedicated Portishead fan, so I’ll admittedly check out anything Geoff Barrows does artistic. That band had the same effect on me years ago, when terms like “trip hop” were the catch phrases of the day. I didn’t know what to make of their gloomy, pounding basslines and Beth Gibbons sumptuous yet desperate lyrical delivery but it grabbed me so deeply I must have listened to Dummy (their universally recognized classic) over a hundred times within the first week of purchasing that damn album. Now I’m not saying » (a smartly chosen non-search engine-able album title by the way) is groundbreaking like Dummy, but I’m mesmerized by this album.


electro pop duo Cherub rock floors w/ MoM & DaD


An electro pop duo from Nashville? You bet your ass they know how to bang beats and keep it funky. Cherub are dope (cool, catchy, fun, danceable, whatever other adjectives you’d like to attach to that word). It’s as simple as that. I wish this record wasn’t so much fun, as I would have an easier time writing about it! This is future pop. Yes; unfortunately here I am again, trying to assign a classification to a killer album that we’ve been rockin’ non-stop since we got it! Cherub blend genres so smoothly, from electro beats and acid stabs to head-bobbin’ reggae vibes. This is funky tech house with a dash of Prince and cosmic jazz overtones. READ MORE

PLS check out my Review of Mogwai's Earth Division EP in Positive Feedback!

Mogwai’s Earth Division EP is aptly titled. The music flows, visually, like an audible accompaniment to a video shot using time elapse photography; the scene being that of many sunrises and sunsets over a mountain peak hovering over a winding river. Seriously, that may have sounded intensely reaching, pretentious, and cheesy all at the same time—but it’s just what comes to mind when trying to paint an image of this music….. PLS READ MORE IN THE REVIEW

Sander Kleinenberg ft. Jamie Cullum - Remember When (Official Video)

Just got a copy of Sander Kleinenberg’s upcoming 5K record!  So far it BUMPS….  YEAH - this is what heartfelt, bound from underground, soulful dance music is all about!!

Elbow perform ‘open arms’ live at Blueprint Studios in Salford. ‘open arms’ is available on their new album ‘build a rocket boys!